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Guide to finding the best loans comparison

Everyone needs a financial boost at one point or another in their lives. This boost often takes the form of a loan. Now while friends and family can give you financial assistance every so often, they may not be in a position to offer huge sums of money that you need to finance your car, home or start up that big business you’ve been dreaming about.

Enter bank loans. Banks and various financial institutions can offer you the kind of money you need. There are so many banks and microfinance institutions, which makes it easy to get lost trying to find the perfect one.

Finding the right bank that will offer you what you need with agreeable terms is not easy. Walking from bank one to bank two, carrying lots of paperwork is definitely not the way to do it as this is time consuming and you will honestly not cover much ground. You will need loan comparison sites such as But what are they, really?

Loan Comparison Sites


These are sites that have everything you need is on the internet and this is true. You can find great websites on that will give you all you need with a few clicks. You will get information on not just the banks or financial institutions to visit but also the type of loans available, the best interest rates you can get, loans available to people with not very good credit scores, debt consolidation facilities and so much more.

You cannot trust every website that gives you loan information. You must be careful not to fall for scams that may end up swindling you of your hard earned money. So, how can you differentiate between a genuine site and a suspicious one? You can get an in-depth loan analysis site, but here are the basics.


What To Look For In Genuine Loan Comparison Sites


Search for Reviews on the Internet

Most great companies have a strong online presence by now. So unless a company is living in the dark ages, there should be some information on it online. Look up websites that offer the type of information you are looking for. After you settle on a couple of these, be sure to look up reviews on the same. This should give you a general feel of what each site is like. Not all reviews are true though, so watch out for overly flowery reviews about any company.

The Advance Payment Trap

If a website is not legit they will most probably have dubious upfront payment requests. You have to be wary of these. Scam websites will take advantage of your vulnerability and your desperation to get financing so much so that they will try to get all the money they can out of you without really offering any useful guidance. Here is a great article about shady loan brokers.

Get Thorough With Your Search

If you feel that a website has offered you all the information you need then you can go ahead and look them up in your areas business listings. Most of these are now available online and you can look up virtually any company in your locality. Legitimate institutions always appear in listings.

Emails, Calls and Texts Are Not Nearly Enough

Credit brokers will most often appear online as sites that offer you information about great loan packages. Most of these offer information of companies in which they too have a stake. If a lending institution calls, emails, or sends a short message to your phone offering you money, you had better run in the opposite direction. This is how scams get through to gullible victims. They simply play on your need for urgency. A credible lending company will probably invite you for a meeting to discuss possibilities, and give you tips to long and short term loans.

Stay Reasonable

No matter what you read on a loan comparison website your chances of getting a certain amount of money at a certain interest rate is purely dependent on a your credit score, the project for which you need the money, credit history and other important considerations. A proper loan comparison website will offer you all available possibilities without undue exaggeration. Click here to get more information from the Money Advice Service.

Is The Site Registered?

Money is a very delicate matter and there are rules and regulations to govern all matters money. An organization that offers you loan information at a fee must be registered with one body or another. In the UK for example, it will be registered with the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority. If it claims to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, then request for their interim permission number. There are also databases for you to check the credibility of the information you will be given.


It does not hurt to consult. Talk to a friend, lawyer, a close relative or anyone in the banking sector before taking the jump. Their thoughts and ideas will help you find useful information on the loans you need.