How to Compare Car Insurance

Comparing car insurance can be an arduous task, with so many providers to choose from and various levels of cover its no wonder so many of us end up with the wrong level of cover!

car insurance comparison

Top 10 Car Insurance Tips

1.Shop around

This is arguably the biggest failure for todays car insurance buyer and can end up costing you hundreds of pounds more in car insurance premiums. You need to compare cheap car insurance quotes with at least three providers and look at the details because a cheap policy does not necessarily mean a good deal as you need to compare the benefits as well as the price! Each policy compared will list the level of cover and what extra benefits (if any) are included in the annual premium.

2. Only insure drivers

This may sound a bit odd however, if you and you spouse are the only drivers then do not include others on the policy as this will increase the premium considerably and could even mean that insurance is declined. Its important to lisdt a statement of needs before you start looking this way you can be 100% sure to the policy you require.

3. Always tell the truth!

No telling the truth or omitting important information from you car insurance quotations could end up costing a lot more in the long run and if any claim should be made at a later date and this information is seen as fundamental to the policy, then any claim could be denied and your insurance could be deemed null and void, which could lead to both civil and criminal prosecution!

4. Protect your no claims bonus

If you have built up an impressive no claims bonus, then you should protect it. Accidents can and do happen and if you make a claim your precious no claims bonus could be wiped out meaning more expensive premiums in the future. So we consider no4 on our list to be a no brainer and trying to save a few quid now could cost a heck of a lot more in a years time!

5. Opt for a higher excess

Opting for a higher excess will reduce your policy price, however in the event of a fault claim you will have to pay the higher excess which could cover the entire repair bill. Look at your options if you have an older car that has a few bumps and dings already then you may not be to bothered if you happen to encounter a little more damage however, if you have a newer car you may not want to see a scratch down the door everyday which means repair and it could be expensive!

6. Limit your mileage

Try to be more accurate about how many miles you anticipate covering throughout the year, the more mileage you cover the higher your premiums willbe as with insurance companies its all about risk. Therefore, the more you drive the higher the risk!

7. Dont add young drivers

Adding a young driver to your policy will not only limit who will offer insurance to you but will severly increase the premiums. Young drivers are considered to be high risk and therefore most insurers will either avoid offering cover or will place a huge premium.

8. Use your garage

Thats right if you have one park your car in it and it could save you a lot of money on premiums. Insurance companies like to know that your car is locked up safe and sound away from theives and away from accidental or malicious damage.

9. Fit a black box

Fitting a black box will decrease your premiums and over time if you drive carefully insurers will offer better rates/benefits as you will be seen as a lower risk driver.

10. Haggle with the insurance company

Thats right you can haggle and it works, surveys suggest that car drivers who haggle with their insurance company can usually hash out a better deal and in some cases can see a 30% drop in the premium offered!